Playing with workspace. XCode multiple projects in one workspace

Arif Luthfiansyah
2 min readMay 25, 2020


🙂 Introduction

Hi everyone, I hope you all are safe and healthy. This time I want to share about my experiment of playing with workspace. Yes, it’s xcworkspace.

🎯 Challenge

So, here are some challenges for my experiment. I have one application that will be published in various countries with some different features. But also means there will be some same features.

🏃🏻 Steps

First, define the structure directory. Here we try to design our structure directory will look this at the end.

Wrap all projects into one root directory

Second, open XCode and create a new workspace. For me, I will name it with App.xcworkspace.

What your project directory will look like

Third, you have empty xcworkspace and now we will add a new project. Yes, a new xcodeproject. You can press Shift+Command+N for access keyboard shortcut to create project.

Set your Add to: and Group: field with your workspace

What XCode will look like before hit create button

After you hit create button. Your project directory and XCode will look the following screenshot. Exellent! You have one project inside your workspace now.

What the project directory and XCode look like after hit create button

Fourth, continue it for the other projects. In my case, I will add App-SG.xcodeproject and App-US.xcodeproject.

⭐️ Conclusion

Now we have 3 different projects in one xcworkspace. Next I will share how to add shared framework that we can use in each project.

👋🏻 Closing

Thank you! I hope this helps you. Please let me know if you have any trouble or any discussion about this. Never stop learning! 🔥